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The HP Designjet Z3200 Photo Printer series is ideal for professional photographers, digital fine artists, print service providers, graphic designers, and pre-press professionals who want to create: • Gallery-quality prints • Portraits • Limited editions • Albums • Art reproductions • Large-format designs • Proofs

Add high-profit, large-format prints with this HP Designjet and watch business grow. Impress with high-quality prints using HP inks, ColorPRO papers. Your workflow is faster and easier, and the printer supports more file formats than you might think.

Fastest heavy-duty photo printer No need to make trade-offs with this, the fastest printer in its class[1]. The heavy-duty HP Designjet Z6200 Photo Printer, a workhorse in disguise, enables you to offer outstanding photo image quality. Become a trusted partner with HP technologies.

Simplify in-house scanning, copying and image enhancement of artwork, maps and technical drawings in colour and black-and-white. Easily integrate with HP Designjet printers for a multifunction system. Finish work fast at the large touchscreen.

HP Designjet Т120 ePrinter е проектиран като базисен принтер за широка употреба от професионалисти като архитекти, инженери, конструктори и такива на свободна практика, но също така е особено подходящ и за конструкторски офиси и интериорни дизайнери.

Широкоформатен принтер, скенер и копир • 6-цветен • Разделит. способност 2400 dpi • Max ширина 1118 mm • Памет 32 GB

A fast, professional, easy-to-use, web-connected, 610 and 914 mm (24- and 36-in) printer.

Bring powerful colour copy/scan functions in-house and create an integrated HP scan-copy-print system with the HP Designjet Scanner. You can scan, copy and print at the touch of a button — thanks to an intuitive touchscreen graphical display.

The first multi-roll ePrinter for graphics – ideal for copy shops, GIS, Enterprise, Public Sector and Retail businesses that need to produce a variety of applications easily and create high-quality, long-lasting prints efficiently.

Easy-to-use and versatile ePrinter with two rolls for greater productivity. HP makes it easy to print and share with the first large-format ePrinter designed for workgroups. Collaborate and print on the go. Take advantage of features that boost productivity, and save time and money with tools that ease the printing process.

The HP Designjet T7100 Printer combines low-cost mono printing with quality colour, and delivers a breakthrough total cost of ownership. Enjoy low maintenance and fast speeds with a printer that’s easy to upgrade because of its modular design.

HP's 8-ink Designjet delivers superior colour accuracy and consistency with the first-ever embedded spectrophotometer 1. Produce vivid, large format prints (up to 24” or 44”) in colour or black-and -white with 8 new HP Vivera pigment inks.

Increase productivity with a two-roll printer with front loading and output stacking tray to organise your printouts. Depend on powerful print processing. Access and print projects when you're out of the office, using HP Designjet ePrint & Share[1].

The ideal printer for architects, engineers and GIS workteams who need an accurate and easy-to-use, web-connected printer to produce professional quality, large-format GIS documents, line drawings, renderings, presentations, maps and orthophotos.

Ideal for high-volume, advanced design studios that need to create, print, scan and copy top-quality drawings efficiently, and support ease of use and strong collaboration.

HP DesignJet T790 is ideal for small work teams in Architect, Engineering, and Construction firms. This HP Designjet ePrinter was designed for easy sharing among local and mobile team members and partners.

Ideal for small and medium work teams in architect, engineering and construction firms and GIS environments. The HP Designjet T795 ePrinter is designed for easy sharing among local and mobile team members and partners.

Improve productivity: meet all your black-and-white and colour needs with the fastest MFP on the market. Enjoy unattended operation at costs rivalling similar black-and-white LED MFPs. This MFP is built for rigorous IT demands and top security.

Print in record time with the fastest 1524 mm (60-in) production printer for graphics[1]. Impress customers: efficiently produce outstanding color and black-and-white prints with six HP inks. Rely on powerful performance from an easy-to-use printer.

Print in record time with the fastest 1524 mm (60-in) production printer for graphics[1]. Offer exceptional color and black-and-white prints on many substrates. Count on advanced color management features backed by HP reliability and ease-of-use.

Бърз и ефикасен 44-inch multi-roll принтер за въздействащи графики, HP DesignJet Z5600 PostScript® Printer е идеален за копишопове, GIS, предприемачи, публичният сектор и ритейлъри, които имат нужди да печатат лесно и качествено на фотографска хартия, канава, самозалепващо фолио, беклит и т.н...С хроматично червено, двуролково зареждане и намалена консумация на мастила, принтерът предос ...

Достъпният HP DesignJet Z2600 24-inch PostScript® Printer лесно възпроизвежда ярки, привличащи погледа графики и технически отпечатъци с HP хроматичното червено мастило. Оптимизираната 6 цветна принтираща система редуцира консумацията на мастила с до 20%, достигайки скорост на печат до 43 м2/h. А поставен на работният плот, компактният HP DJ Z2600 успешно утилизира офис пространството... ...


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